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Casually Elegant Interiors

Susan Voyles

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"The thing I love about Susan is that she really got to know ME and the things I liked and then chose the perfect items to fit my taste.  She has decorated two houses for me and I absolutely LOVE everything that she has done.  She puts her heart into every project she works on and the results show it!  I have recommended her to countless friends and all of them have loved her.  None of us can believe how amazing our homes look after she has worked with us.  She is highly organized and even years after she has finished a project for me, I can still call and get paint colors, phone numbers of installers that I used and check prices that I have paid for something.  Susan has the work ethic, quality of character and design expertise that you would want in someone designing your home.  I could not recommend her highly enough and would be happy to talk to you if you have any questions.

                                                        Julianne N.
                                                        San Diego, CA



"I have worked with Susan over the past year...I can honestly say that hiring Susan for this project proved to be the best interior decorating decision I have made...I am very happy with her professionalism and ability"...
"I then asked her to assist me with a custom window was just delivered, and the best word I can find to describe it is 'sumptuous'.  It is even nicer than I expected it to be.
..I wholeheartedly and with great pleasure recommend Susan Voyles"
                                                   Karen K.
                                                   San Diego, CA

"I have used other designers both at home and for our offices.  After working with Susan I wouldn't consider anybody else."
"When working on interior design, many factors can inhibit the ability to succeed: budget, matching the overall design with one particular piece or color, differing opinions of spouses or family members, even differing opinions of partners when working with investments properties, etc.  Every time we have worked with Susan, the finished product somehow magically satisfies EVERY party and EVERY need while staying on budget.  Susan goes above and beyond what most consider interior design.  She did a fantastic job coordinating with multiple suppliers and contractors, always found the best price, kept our projects on track and saved us money.  We are 100% satisfied."

                                                Christopher N.
                                                Shamrock Properties
                                                San Diego, CA